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White gold ring with diamonds

18 karat white gold weight 2.7g

814.05 USD

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  • Type: white gold ring with diamonds
  • Part Number: CR000003380
  • Carats: 18kt
  • Weight: 2.7g
  • Color: 18 karat white gold
  • Condition: Brand New
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- Payment by bank transfer to the account of the Diamond MWJ Corporation for Jewelery and Diamonds

- Pay by mada card on the website or application.

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Return and exchange policy:

1. The customer has the right to return the used watches within 24 hours in the event of a defect in the watch.

2. MWJ guarantees that the watches sold are original and the customer has the right to return them if it is proven that they are not original within an unlimited period (lifetime).

814.05 USD
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