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Rolex datejust 178271

Jabili Steel with Rose Gold Size 31mm

12,960 USD

Remained 1

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Watch Specifications:

  • Type : Original Rolex Datejust Steel Watch in Rose Gold
  • Model Number : 178271
  • Size : Medium 31
  • Lock : new lock
  • Dial: Silver Diamond Agency
  • Strap : jubilee steel with 18 karat rose gold
  • Condition : Used - like new
  • Attachments : Warranty card from MWJ + original box
  • All photos are real for the same product, and All copyrights reserved to MWJ.

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Payment options:

- Payment by bank transfer to the account of the Diamond MWJ Corporation for Jewelery and Diamonds

- Pay by mada card on the website or application.

Shipping options available to customers

  • Free shipping on all watches and jewelry to all countries of the world.
  • Ships within 5 - 7 working days after payment is completed.
  • MWJ takes full responsibility for the item during the shipping process until it is delivered to you.

Customer rights:

  • MWJ guarantees that the watches sold are original and the customer has the right to return them in the event that it is proven that they are not original within an unlimited period (lifetime).

12,960 USD
One comment

ربا الجربوع

3 months ago

انا ودي اجربه ع يدي كيف ؟
ودي افحصه قبل الدفع



3 months ago

اهلا فيك عزيزتي، يوجد محل بالرياض تعرض فيه اغلب ساعتنا
العنوان/ الرياض طريق الملك فهد - طيبة بوابة 4 - محل رقم 217

و جميع الساعات يتم فحصها والتأكد من أصالتها قبل عرضها وضمان الأصالة مدى الحياة ويمكنك فحصها كذلك بالوكالة المختصة بعد الشراء واذا ثبت ان اي جزء بها غير أصلي يتم استرجاعها فوراً.

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