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How do I determine the price of a used watch?

The market value of a previously used watch is not only related to its age, but there are many factors that affect and determine the price of your watch when it is sold. The frame increases its value and demand among watch lovers

There is a difference between the original and the correct watch. The correct watch is the one that contains all the original components that were produced without any modifications and additions outside the agency. Often, the additions are on Rolex watches, which reduces their value when sold. The more original and correct components of the watch without any additions, the higher its market value

The watch model and the date of its manufacture play a major role in its value when sold. In some cases, the watch is very old and is considered rare, or some parts of the watch are rare as ports, which makes their value increase when selling.

This is not an important factor, but when the original used watches are sold with the original box or warranty, their value may increase

With these factors, you can determine the price of your watch

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