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Piaget models

Piaget is one of the oldest watch manufacturers as it was established as a watch movement manufacturer and provides this service to many international watch companies. Until 1943, it started producing watches under its name and launched many models that combine watches and jewelry. You have an overview of Piaget watches models :


One of the oldest and most prestigious models of Piaget, which was released in 1957. It is characterized by classic watches with a thickness of only 2 mm. It comes with several options of straps and dials.

Limelight gala

One of the Piaget women's models that is characterized by a charming design, where the lugs of the watch wrap around the bezel in an asymmetric manner and are studded with diamonds that add to the elegance and beauty of the watches

Piaget po

Piaget Polo watches appeared as men's sports watches in steel, suited to be a daily customer watch


One of the finest Piaget women's models, it is characterized by circular watches studded with diamonds and precious stones

black tie

With dials that illustrate the complications of the watch and classic dials, this model is distinguished by the elegance and luxury of men's watches

High jewelry watches

A group of different models that combine the luxury of jewelry and watches, where the watches are completely studded with diamonds

Written by: Wassan Nasser