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Rolex models

Rolex is a leading brand in the manufacture and development of watches, which has established itself in the global culture. It symbolizes wealth, success and achievements. All Models of Rolex Watches :

Oyster Perpetual

The Rolex Oyster Professional watches are designed for professional use at any time, the latest watches:


This model was launched in 1953, as it was the first watch that climbed the top of Mount Everest, characterized by its practical and elegant design. The latest watches:

Date just

One of the most famous Rolex models, released in 1945, as it is the first automatic watch to show the date. It is considered one of the practical daily watches. The latest watches:

Day Date

The model was released in 1956 with the President's belt showing the day and date together, the latest watches:


It is the latest Rolex models, launched in 2012. It is considered the most complex Rolex watch, as it combines the time display, time zone and annual calendar, the latest watches:


Rolex released this model in 1955 and is considered one of its most famous models, as it is characterized by displaying two different time zones at the same time. The latest watches:

Cosmograph Daytona

This model was released by Rolex in 1963 and was designed to meet the demands of professional racing drivers. The latest watches in this collection feature a metropolitan dial that is a rare moonstone:


Inspired by the heritage that connects Rolex to the world of yachting, the Yacht-Master watches combine functionality and style with the latest watches:


One of the most famous Rolex models, released in 1953, is for divers. It features a rotating bezel that allows divers to monitor the duration of their diving underwater and helps them manage their breathing gas reserves. The latest watches:


This model was released in 1967. It is a watch dedicated to diving, as the group that was launched in this model in 2008 is water-resistant to a depth of 3900 meters. The latest watches:


Rolex created this collection in 1956 to help engineers and scientists working in areas where magnets abound, affecting watch performance and accuracy, the latest watches

Pearl master

The elegant Pearlmaster collection is distinguished from the Oyster Perpetual watches as it is inlaid with diamonds and gold, the latest watches:


Rolex produced a number of models suitable for flying in the air during and immediately after World War II, including the Air-Kin collection, which became more popular with fans and continued its production until this year

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