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Mistakes of using automatic watches

Automatic watches are designed to last a lifetime, but they can be damaged if not taken care of properly, so you should take care of them in simple ways and avoid these mistakes:

  • Ignoring the watch for a long time and not moving it:

In the event that the watch stops moving, you must charge the watch in the correct way depending on the type of watch, but be careful and do not over-wrap the watch, because you may break small parts inside

  • Not setting the time, date and day correctly:

You miss the beauty of the watch details when the time, date and day are not set correctly

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Explanation of charging a Rolex watch and adjusting the time and date

  • The watch displays a lot of temperatures and magnets:

What many people do not know is that the accuracy of watches is different at different temperatures, so they should not be exposed to very high or very low temperatures in order to preserve the metal parts inside the watch, and therefore avoid magnets so as not to affect the accuracy

  • Not closing the screw

You must close the screw tightly, especially when using the watch under water, whether it is a diving watch or a formal watch to avoid damage

  • Watch is not maintained

Any automatic watch must be serviced regularly to maintain it for life, brands recommend maintaining their watches every two to five years