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Cartier models

Cartier has been one of the world's most famous watchmakers since 1847. It is a brand that represents luxury, sophistication, history and perfect details. About the most famous models of Cartier watches :


The most famous models of Cartier watches appeared in 1917 The design was inspired by the tanks of the First World War, this model is available in several collections such as Tank Americaine, Tank Francaise, Tank Solo

Pasha De

This model appeared in 1985 as a sports watch with a round case, different from the traditional Cartier watches designed by the famous designer Gérald Genta

Ballon De

This model was launched in 2007, which combines the artistic craftsmanship of watchmaking, sophistication and elegance of jewelry

Santos De

One of the most famous elegant Cartier models launched in 1904, available in a variety of bracelets to suit different tastes

Panthère De

One of Cartier's most distinctive designs and can be considered a piece of jewelry, it is made of gold and studded with diamonds and precious stones

Rotonde De

This model is well-balanced and considered to be Cartier's most complex watch, the latest watch: