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How do you choose the perfect size for your watch?

During the process of searching for the watch that you would like to own, several things must be taken into consideration, including the size of the watch and the thickness of the dial. Does it match the size of your wrist?

You must first know the size of your wrist, whether it is thin, medium or thick, to make it easier for you to buy your watch, especially if you want to buy it online without trying and with confidence.

  • Wrist size depending on the diameter of the dial:

  • Enamel thickness:

The thickness of each watch is different from the other, because the more intricate the watch, the more

Enamel thickness increased

Fish sizes range from:

6mm - 8mm thin, suitable for small sizes

8mm - 12mm Medium Fits Medium Sizes

14mm - 18mm thick, suitable for large sizes

  • Watch progression display:

The best width of the watch band is equal to the radius of the dial

For example, if you wear a watch size of 40mm, the width of the band should be approximately 20mm