About MWJ

Vision: to be authentic to who we are. To lead an authentic life.

Mission: to offer luxury watches buyers the best experience in terms of security, trust and confidence.

If you wish to own an original watch, and you’re looking for a safe place to guide your purchase, we, MWJ , will be your right compass to be satisfied.

Mwj is a cyber market to sell and purchase new and second-hand watches, which guarantees you safe payment on purchase.

When choosing the watch you wish for, " Mwj " can bring it in record time not exceeding 48 hours by suppliers from all over the world.

Once you become our customer, you’ll enjoy many features besides “free” maintenance for all kinds of watches for one year. Further, we’ll guide you to differentiate between original and fake watches so that you can avoid being caught in deception trap.

Mwj doesn’t only provide you with personal assistance service to choose a suitable watch, but also offers all the valuable information regarding original watches’ secrets and their investment.

Unlike other cyber markets, Mwj is licensed by Saudi Arabian Ministry of Trade and Investment.

Instagram and snapchat @mwj.sa

Twitter @mwj_sa

Email: [email protected]

Whatsapp: +966553319039

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